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Meet Daphne Sheldrick

About the book

This is the story of a girl who grew up to rescue baby elephants orphaned by ivory poachers.

This is the story of a lady known as “Mother To Elephants.”

cover image for the book, Mother To Eleophants:The Story of Daphne Sheldrick

Mother To Elephants,  tells the heartwarming true story of orphaned elephants finding an unexpected family in the care of Daphne Sheldrick. Award-winning and filled with love and determination, this tale follows Daphne's extraordinary journey as she hand-rears these majestic creatures, including the milk-dependent calf, Aisha. Through her dedication, Daphne not only saves countless elephants but also paves the way for their return to the wild. A captivating biography for young readers, this book is a celebration of compassion, resilience, and the remarkable bond between humans and animals.
Includes a section with many "ele-fantastic" elephant facts!

The perfect choice for parents and teachers looking for:

  • Inspiring nonfiction narrative books

  • Biographies about women

  • Role model books for children

  • Kids STEM books

Buy NOW and receive the “Mother To Elephants” Extra Childhood Scene and Ice Cream In A Bag science activity for FREE (details inside book)!

Books For Benjamin  cover
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Meet Benjamin and his friends

About the book

book cover image, Books For Benjamin

Also available in Spanish

Embark on a whimsical journey with Benjamin, a worm who'd rather dive into the pages of adventure than munch on a peach! In this charming picture book, Benjamin's unique love for reading sets him apart from his family of munching worms. Determined to find "real" books beyond tomato-splotched newspapers, Benjamin sets off on a quest that leads to delightful discoveries and heartwarming lessons. With captivating illustrations, the book is a celebration of diversity, the joy of reading, and the magic of being different. It's the perfect bedtime read for kids aged 2-6, igniting a passion for books, fostering inclusivity, and inspiring laughter along the way. Join Benjamin on his quest and rekindle the joy that you had as a child of going to the library and discovering that first book!

Join Benjamin on his award-winning book adventure!

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