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"A wild animal is only borrowed. If you truly love it, you must set it free when nature calls." And nature does indeed call Daphne Sheldrick in this delightful and inspiring picture book by R.G. de Rouen...If you only grab one "animal story" for young readers this year, grab THIS ONE! A compelling true story, it's a definite WINNER !- Reedsy Discovery (5 stars)

"Mother To Elephants is a call to action and a celebration of the human spirit's capacity for compassion and positive change. I recommend this engaging and educational read, which has the potential to ignite a passion for wildlife conservation in the hearts of young readers and inspire them to be advocates for the voiceless creatures that share our planet. - Literary Titan (5 stars)

"While intended for children, adults will also benefit from reading Mother to Elephants. Author R.G. de Rouen has not only created a beautiful story around an incredible woman but also teaches the reader about the reasons for baby elephants losing their mothers as well as how to rescue and care for them." - Readers' Favorite (5 stars)

"Love and nurturing, provided by Daphne and staff, allowed the young charges to successfully transition back to the wild. Elephant Fun Facts were an added delight. Did you know that an elephant can be right tusked or left tusked just as humans are right or left-handed? A highly recommended read for young and old alike!" - Netgalley and Goodreads reviewer (5 stars)

A sweet and inspiring children's book that combines an amazing true story with lovely illustrations and interesting elephant facts. Perfect for young, aspiring conservationists."-

"Thank you to Daphne Sheldrick and all those fighting to save our wildlife."

-Reader Views Kids (5 stars)

Born free – living free! How young, orphaned elephants found a playful temporary home with a different kind of family. A true story filled with love and determination. 

No doubt you’ve heard the saying, “Mother knows best!” But what if the baby is a six-hundred-pound elephant, and the mother is of the two-legged kind? Would the saying still hold true?

Mothering elephants is what Daphne Sheldrick did her entire life. As a young girl, she was put in charge of wounded or abandoned animals. As a grownup, Daphne and her dedicated team saved and nurtured countless elephants.

When a tiny, milk-dependent calf arrived, Daphne’s determination would be tested. No one had ever hand-reared an elephant baby this young, but what Daphne learned with Aisha would be the key to saving future orphaned elephants. What’s more, she had an elephant-sized dream of returning them to the wild!

This non-fiction biography picture book for kids is sure to inspire young budding conservationists and make the perfect gift for elephant lovers everywhere!

Includes a section with many ele-fantastic elephant facts!

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Interview with the author.

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