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This is a photo of me in 2nd grade.

This is me...when I was in 2nd Grade.


As a kid, I loved playing soccer and tennis with my friends.  I also loved reading anything I could get my hands on, especially books on dinosaurs.  I wanted to become a paleontologist! I was super excited when my dad got me my first chapter book called The Enormous Egg,” by Oliver Butterworth. I still have it to this day and remember putting my signature on it!

Have a look!

I put my signature inside the book as a kid.
This book is called, The Enormous Egg by Oliver Butterworth and was given to me by my dad.

What favorite book have you put your name on? Check out what books Benjamin signed and read about his adventures while searching for books! It's the story of a worm. Don't get grossed out! I think you'll like him!

Have fun with "Books For Benjamin"!

Get to meet Benjamin and his friends with coloring pages,

and print your own "Benjamin bookmarks" for you and your friends.

Why not try and help Benjamin find books by following the maze!

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