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Mother To Elephants - Extra Scene & Icecream Activity Booklet

THANK YOU so much for purchasing my book! 

I am happy and excited that I can share an extra scene from Mother To Elephants.

A scene, that unfortunately I had to cut due to space restrictions. As it is one of my favorite scenes, I was looking for a way to still share it with you.


As an ice cream lover, I find it hard to imagine what life must have been like without constant access to a frozen goodie. Imagine having to wait for a hailstorm in order to indulge in something so seemingly simple. 


Kateryna, my illustrator, did a great job portraying the excitement of Daphne and her siblings in anticipation of this literally cool treat.

You may not want to wait for the next hailstorm, and roll a barrel on your veranda, but it is for sure a fun project - not only for kids! - to give the ICE CREAM IN A BAG a try (no hailstones needed!). 

Check out the missing scene & ice cream recipe at the link below. 



R.G. de Rouen

Ice cream extra scene that didn't make it into the book

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